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Mission Statement:
“A concerned effort to educate the youth of today about their ability to improve the world of tomorrow.”

Thank you for your interest in The Starfish Children’s Fund! Our organization was founded in 2004 by two teenagers from Weston, Connecticut in order to help needy children in different parts of the world. Brittany McCann and Katie Funk traveled to Calcutta, India to visit a blind school that was in desperate need of funding. Their original intention was to raise sufficient funds to expand the school, but upon their return to the States, they were so motivated by their experiences that they decided to found The Starfish Children’s Fund.

Our organization is completely secular, and our only goal is to aid the neediest children regardless of race, religion or nationality. On the various pages of our website you can learn more about how our organization is structured, look at pictures and video from our various trips abroad, and learn how to make a donation. Again, we are so appreciative of any support you can provide!
Watch the SCF documentary, check our blog and YouTube site for the latest news and videos, and visit the “Get Involved” page for more information on donation opportunities.

“The future depends on what we do in the present.” -Mahatama Gandhi

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